Hang Tags & Hanger Cards

Your products are ready. The store is ready. What is the finishing touch that will give your brand a style all its own?
Header Cards and Hang tags are an easy solution to add pricing, instructions, or your brand story with a professional design. Although most often used for garment or clothing tags, they will expertly brand all types of products by labeling jars, bottles, food and more. Because they reflect your brand identity, they serve multiple roles, so will attract, as well as inform, customers.

We offer die-cut printing for your tags, which means you can print hang tags in your choice of different shapes including oval, rectangle and folded. We can also have foil stamp hang tags for upscale brands and special occasions. The finished tags come with holes punched per your specifications. This is where you attached your strings or cords to hang them on your products.

Strings are not included with standard orders, but we are eager to accommodate custom requests, so call us if you’d like to add a feature like strings or a custom coating.

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